Sometimes I come across a new jigsaw puzzle maker, I purchase one of its items and in a second I’m a fan! Does this sound familiar to you?

That happened when I bought a wooden jigsaw puzzle by the Polish puzzle producer WOODEN.CITY. In April 2021 I discovered a world map puzzle on a Dutch webstore.

Each puzzle comes in a cube box and the wooden pieces are well stored in a paper bag – so they are not using any plastics. A small model of the picture is included.

The company offers different sizes from small with 75 pcs. to medium (150) and large (300). If you need more thrill, you can buy jigsaws in the XL version which range from 600 up to 1,500 pieces.

The first look was great and I looked closer at the huge amount of whimsies. In the 300pcs-box you can find 61 whimsies (>20%). The 1,010pcs-jigsaw includes 100 figurals (10%).

The whimsies are cut in an easy way but with some detailed lines for a better identification. Unfortunately, the company offers only 5 different whimsy themes.

For its puzzles WOODEN.CITY uses certified and environ-mentally friendly birch plywood for its puzzles and prints a pattern to the jigsaws back. The print of the picture has a matt finish and sometimes you can see burn marks from the laser-cut at the paper.      

All in all, the quality is good and comparable with Wentworth puzzles. The prices range between 10 EUR (75 pcs.), 22 EUR for a large one with 300-400 pieces and 50 EUR for the XL-version (1,010 pieces). So you receive nice jigsaws for an affordable price and assembling them is lots of fun!

Here are some more antique world map puzzles made by Wooden.City:

About Wooden.City: „It all started in 2015 when we designed our first model. Its effect became an inspiration for the assumptions of the WOODEN.CITY brand – a company whose mission is to create wooden mechanical models and 3D puzzles. Our team consists of people whose creativity knows no bounds and every day turns into creating new products that provide a lot of fun and satisfaction for self-assembly models.”

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